Welcome to ATL Crossroads! – Where issues engagement meets discussion!

By Michael Mumper

I just launched this blog February 3, 2012!  Admittedly, I’m excited and a little nervous.  I’m not a writer, much less a journalist.  But I am someone who cares passionately about the average citizen being able to learn about and engage on the issues that face us.  This means you, and I’m right there with you.  Learning as we go.

Whether we’re talking about transportation, immigration, water, education, or health care, this blog is about helping us find facts and opinions (from both the expert and grassroots angles) that help us learn more about these issues and engage with others in conversations about them.  THE DIFFERENCE between this site and many others out there is that this site is not directly intended for those who have already formed “expert” opinions about the issues. It’s not for people who insist they are “right” and that those who disagree are ignorant or worse.  Rather, this blog is intended for you, and me, who want to learn MORE about the issues, and have positive, constructive, solution-oriented conversations.  Consider us interested beginners.  We want to learn or review some basics, hear differing viewpoints, have the opportunity to do our own research to get a little deeper, and then maybe add a few comments.

Help me grow the impact of this site by telling me what YOU would like to talk about!

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