My Own Crossroads

By Michael Mumper

When I named this blog AtlCrossroads, and purposefully chose the word crossroads to be part of it, I didn’t originally have ME in mind.

I had divergences in mind, yes.  As in the City of Atlanta with its suburbs, between Metro Atlanta and Georgia, between conservative and progressive ideologies, between strong political forces and the citizens who give strength to our democracy.

And with these divergences, I was thinking, come the opportunities for coming together again. As crossroads do.

Me, at 235 lbs.

Me, at 200 lbs.

And yet I may be the one on the path of “coming together again.”  I’m on the path of returning to the trimmer, healthier me of my college years.

My weight has been dropping over the last 20 weeks, from the picture on the left, where I stood after Thanksgiving, to the picture on the right, taken a few hours ago.  I decided tonight that my goal is to return to my college weight of 170.  So I still have a ways to go.

But what’s more important than the weight is that I am taking better, more intentional care of myself than I have ever done.  I am walking five-to-six times a week, about an hour a night.  I am eating heaps of fresh fruits and green vegetables, and tracking my food intake with an online calorie counter.  Yup, same program as Charles Barkley.

Sir Charles

Twenty weeks doesn’t automatically translate to lifelong success.  But I keep making, or returning, to great choices every day.  I’m patting myself on the back when I do well and being easy on myself when I don’t.

Thanks for indulging me on occasion to write about issues that aren’t necessarily “policy” conversations.  But taking a lesson from writers Maria Saporta in Atlanta, Bill Dawers in Savannah, and Jason Pye in Covington, we’re more than one-track people, and it might be good for us every once in a while to acknowledge some other interests, challenges, strivings and victories.

Here’s to showing up for my own crossroads opportunity!

Michael Mumper

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