Official Recap of the GeorgiaForward 2012 Forum

New World, New Georgia: Re-visioning Statewide Prosperity

September 12-13 at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia

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Georgia resides in the midst of and is being shaped by major global economic trends. These trends, from the rise of the global middle class, to limited natural resources, to the migration of jobs and the best and brightest to cities, create a playing field on which Georgia is finding its footing. As our state adapts to a globally connected and competitive environment, statewide prosperity remains elusive. Yet, the challenges of the global framework also provide new opportunities.

In this context, the 2012 Forum examined how Georgia should orient itself to succeed in today’s global economy and what statewide prosperity should look like and how to achieve it. As part of the conversation on statewide prosperity, the Forum explored:

  • The future of rural Georgia
  • How Georgia cities are leading the way
  • Healthcare as an economic engine
  • Ending childhood hunger
  • What’s next for transportation in Georgia
  • What we can learn from Georgia’s past successes.

The goal: To articulate critical steps for statewide prosperity and then gain commitments from organizations and leaders to focus and act on those steps.

While I (Michael Mumper) did participate in the forum, I couldn’t have written the above synopsis any better, so borrowed directly from their site:  The “meat” of this coverage, however, is at the above link.