The Yin and Yang of Obama’s “victory”

By Michael Mumper

While I voted for President Obama in yesterday’s election, I’m in no mood to gloat.  National debt is too high, and the weight of corporate and governmental interests overwhelm the voice of the individual.  While the Affordable Care Act, I think, will move us to be a healthier, preventative-care culture, the price tag will be staggering.  While I admire the more respectful tone to our international friends around the globe (which I think Obama brings), there is a lot we can take to heart about our conservative friends’ message regarding individual responsibility, the value of wealth creation and the sustainability of financial conservatism.

There is a multidimensional yin and yang here.  There are complementary values  – from the left, right, libertarian, green, independent and even “apolitical”; with the inherent tensions between them, the push and pull – that force a constant balancing and adjusting that equals who we are.  We can hate on the “other”, but that is like one hand hating the other hand.  We all value life, we all value freedom, and liberty, and responsibility, and choice, and creativity, and sustainability.  We all do it differently, and it manifests for one individual in ways another individual can only imagine.  Just like the husband learns from the wife, and the wife from the husband, there is always something we can learn from our neighbor.

If we stumble, we learn together in our collective conciousness.  When we succeed, we acknowledge what we did right, and press on in that path.  Like it or not, we move together.  It’s our social contract, and our responsibility, and our opportunity, and our strength.

Michael Mumper

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