Michael Mumper, AtlCrossroads PublisherATL Crossroads

Michael has served mission-driven community-building roles with:

  • The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, committed to promoting and supporting philanthropy in the metro Atlanta region; here Michael serves in Marketing, Outreach and Consulting roles.
  • The Civic League for Regional Atlanta, educating and giving voice to citizens of the metropolitan region; here Michael served in a Marketing and Outreach capacity.
  • NonProfit, MD, Inc., here Michael has served as Marketing Consultant and Marketing Manager.
  • Sevananda Natural Foods Market, a natural foods cooperative; Michael has been Editor of Sevananda’s monthly newsletter since 2007.
  • Creating Vibrant Communities (aka “CVC”, no longer operative), a community development nonprofit that Michael founded in 2005. CVC’s flagship project was a volunteer-driven community newspaper, Our West End Newsletter, which is still being published within that community. Its second major program was CVC Urban Farms, operating two nonprofit community farms, also in the West End.

Michael has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky, and an MBA from Emory University. He worked in Business Management, Strategic Planning and IT management roles for GE Capital, Simon & Schuster, Random House and Turner Broadcasting for a combined 18 years before launching into community engagement.  Michael is married, with two teenagers, and resides in Fayetteville, Georgia, just outside Atlanta.


Matt McWilliams

Matt is a multimedia consultant with extensive experience in communications and brand management with small and national non-profits. He helps clients develop content strategies that fully leverage digital media opportunities to tell their stories and engage audiences.


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