Our story & our mission

Yup, we know.

“Politics” and “Civic engagement” are divisive, they’re complex, and the media assumes you follow this information daily and only need the latest development to totally know what’s up.  In addition, things like gerrymandering districts across wacky geographic lines, and the crazy, self-serving power struggles of our two party system leave most of us anxious to escape the world of policy.

But, policy is our best system to date for organizing our society, and for making collective decisions and improvements for its good.  So by ignoring this world we leave others to make these decisions for us.

ATL Crossroads wants to change that so that we can (and want to) get a little more involved.  Here’s our goals toward that more-involved world:

  1. To reach Metro Atlanta and Georgia citizens who want to learn more about key regional and state issues.
  2. To offer simple analyses of major issues in one place, with increasing levels of background and context.
  3. To engage these citizens with thought-provoking, topical information that generally doesn’t take sides, and is often presented in a pro-and-con format.
  4. To encourage feedback, respectful and positive dialogue, and readers’ own ideas toward building creative, grassroots-supported solutions to the issues we face.
  5. To give citizens options for taking action toward building a better region. This can include learning about important issues; engaging in positive conversation; writing articles and comments; voting; participating in surveys; and creating gatherings for face-to-face discussions.

The short-term thrust of this initiative will be almost exclusively online, but we will build toward more in-person engagements as the audience grows.  You can already see us start by checking out the public interviews we’re doing in some of our Galleries.


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