Common Cause GA ethics panel, 5/22/12

Common Cause Georgia is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to ethical, honest and accountable government.  On May 22, 2012, Common Cause Georgia hosted a public Ethics Reform Panel discussion in Sandy Springs, GA.  Panelists included Jim Walls of Atlanta Unfiltered, Julianne Thompson of Georgia Tea Party Patriots, and State Senator Josh McKoon.  William Perry, Common Cause GA executive director, facilitated. Below are a multi-media slideshow recap of the event, and interviews of some attendees.  A photo gallery and article recap of the event are coming soon.

Multi-media slideshow recap:

Interviews of citizen attendees:

Sandy Springs resident Charlie Augello:

Sandy Springs resident Chiteka Jackson:

Sandy Springs resident Louis Baine:

Tea Party Patriots national coordinator Debbie Dooley:

Sandy Springs resident Don McAdam:

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