Event Promotion

Magnify and extend the impact of your community or corporate event:

  1. Reach new audiences and fill more seats!
  2. Create “buzz” before, during and after the event, and extend it far beyond so people are telling your story for months
  3. Create marketing material that engages audiences across multiple platforms including the web, social media, email and mobile

Here’s how we do it:

  • Blogging before the event, with warm, catchy images and compelling narratives
  • Engaging Social Media & e-mail messaging, both before and after event
  • Live-tweeting at the event for maximum audience impact
  • Powerful Photography or Videography that captivates your audience
  • Interviews of attendees that give real “man on the street” synopses of your event
  • Article & Multi-media recaps that add to the journalistic authenticity of your event
  • Visual and text-based snippets that extend your storytelling for months
  • All brought together by a thoughtful Communication Strategy that works for your audience

Check out our work on the Galleries tab, then email us at michael@AtlCrossroads.com – or call at 404-444-4029 – to talk more.

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