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Why ATL Crossroads is voting “yes” for Atlanta and Georgia’s TSPLOST

By Michael Mumper

The Atlanta Journal Constitution did a wonderful job of compiling “for” and “against” educated opinions on the TSPLOST, and even went so bold as to organizationally endorse the TSPLOST.  Read their arguments, and others, here.

Here’s ATL Crossroads’ summary of the pro’s and con’s of TSPLOST, and in the end why I’m voting “yes”.

“Yes” arguments summarized

  1. Status quo is unacceptable: our traffic commutes are among the nation’s worst and Georgia’s current transportation investment level of 49th among states shows no commitment for improvement.  People and businesses outside our state see this and – knowing our population is projected to grow considerably higher – won’t bring their dollar or their job-creating business here.  They’ll go elsewhere.
  2. It has been forecasted that TSPLOST will create and support 200,000 job-years between now and 2040.
  3. Environmental benefits of fewer cars, less smog and more bike/walk path will be achieved.
  4. Atlanta and Georgia have built their history being bold and innovative, and the citizens believe in that approach.

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Three Questions on the Transportation Investment Act

The following post was written by Brett Bittner, executive director of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, and vice president of the Cobb Taxpayers Association. It has already been published by both the Civic League for Regional Atlanta and Peach Pundit. Nevertheless, I respect Brett’s commitments to free market principles and fiscal conservatism, so didn’t want to bypass the opportunity to reflect his viewpoint. Here’s Brett:

Brett Bittner

After serving on the Steering Committee for last summer’s “Get A Move On” Townhall, I was asked by the Civic League to respond to three questions regarding the upcoming voter referendum on the Transportation Investment Act of 2010.

Originally, my responses appeared on their blog and in an e-mail newsletter. I’ve included the questions and my responses below:

What’s good about the Transportation Investment Act?

When the Transportation Investment Act passed in 2010, it showed a genuine concern for the transportation issues here in Georgia, especially metropolitan Atlanta. Its passage also indicated a desire to address the failed attempts of the centrally-planned Georgia Department of Transportation attempts to improve the seemingly endless commutes for Atlantans. Legislators presented municipal and county officials an opportunity to work together to relieve congestion woes in a cooperative and efficient manner.

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Livable Communities Coalition kicks off Fast Track Forward campaign for July 31 TIA vote

In addition to the recap below, you can also see our Audio Slideshows – featuring Doug Hooker and Jim Stokes – and Photo Gallery, by clicking here.

By Matt McWilliams

The number is 20,000.

That’s the number the Livable Communities Coalition believes will determine whether this summer’s transportation sales tax referendum passes.

Jim Stokes, LCC executive director

“We are looking for 20,000 voters that we bring in,” Livable Communities Coalition executive director Jim Stokes explained Wednesday night at the organization’s Fast Track Forward launch at Midtown’s Shout restaurant.

And here’s a better idea about who those voters will be.

As Stokes indicated to the small crowd, they will be “Young, urban voters; transit-dependent voters; smart growth voters; transit advocates and progressive voters; as well as a group we call under-voters, which are voters that generally vote in general elections but skip primary elections.”

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Transportation Investment Act – Public Hearing in the City of Atlanta asks “humongous” questions

By Matt McWilliams

The transportation sales tax vote is still months away, but it is likely voters will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions before July 31.

Fundamentally, voters will have to determine whether it’s worth it to them to levy a penny sales tax – for ten years – to fast-track transportation infrastructure investment.

Complicating matters, the Georgia General Assembly may not be able to pass transit governance legislation that will help voters understand how these new investments will be managed.

Last week the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that proposed transit governance legislation has rankled some because of its intent to change representation guidelines by granting more influence to north Metro Atlanta.

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Perspectives on TSPLOST: Progress or a Tax Trap?

Is TSPLOST just what Atlanta needs for transportation and progress?  Or is it an expensive “tax trap” that will hurt us unless the project list is revamped?

A video provided by Livable Communities Coalition (LCC) provides one perspective on the potential value of TSPLOST, while Ron Sifen of Vinings adds some serious concerns about TSPLOST as it stands right now.

First the LCC video:

Next, thoughts from Ron Sifen that draw attention to what he thinks are TSPLOST’s shortcomings.

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Atlanta’s Transportation Investment Act really needs St. Francis of Assisi (smile)

By Michael Mumper

My mind is grappling with the magnitude of different approaches and reactions to the Transportation Investment Act, particularly for the Atlanta region, with two of these views presented by Steve Brown, Fayette County Commissioner, and Bruce Gunter, president of Progressive Redevelopment Inc(For more information on the TIA, click here).

Yes, we’ll be voting on it on the TIA July 31.

Well, maybe.

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