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Civic League’s Water Forum brings conversation to Georgia and Atlanta’s water issues

By Matt McWilliams and Michael Mumper

Publisher’s Note: You can also see AtlCrossroads’  7-minute Video Recap, Photo Gallery and Audio Interviews of the “Water Sustains All” forum by clicking here.

In a critical reversal of a scary 2009 ruling that said Metro Atlanta could not use Lake Lanier for its water supply without congressional approval, the 11th Circuit Court last summer delivered a favorable verdict for metro Atlanta which allows Lanier to be used – in part – to supply Metro Atlanta’s water needs.  This does not mean that litigation is over; nor does it mean that Atlanta’s water woes are now behind it.

Sally Bethea, Bob Kerr and Darrell Thomas, 3 of 8 panelists at the Civic League forum "Water Sustains All"

The Civic League for Regional Atlanta re-visited the region’s water supply issues during a forum in early March, at Atlanta’s Selig Center. The event, Water Sustains All, highlighted that, even with the sun setting on that particular component of metro Atlanta’s water supply, there is still an ongoing need to advance water policy in the region.

Metro Atlanta’s water supply has been susceptible to prolonged droughts, such as in 2007 when officials estimated that the drought had reduced the area’s water to a 3-month supply.

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Tree Rings Suggest that Atlanta Water May Become – ugh – More Scarce

By Matt McWilliams

Metro Atlanta has struggled with water supply in recent years. A new study suggests water supply could become even more limited in the future. The study looked at local trees whose rings indicate that last century was unusually wet. If precipitation rates return to levels more typical over the last 350 years, metro Atlanta – and Georgia – could have a much larger water issue on its hands.

Then check out the Scientific-American article that the video references, by clicking hereThis article is reprinted from Climatewire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500

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